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LINNRON speakers were specifically designed for Square Dancing. Unfortunately, due to health issues, as of January 1, 2015, I will no longer be making speakers. There are currently none in stock or in production that have not been already sold. I will continue to honor warranty repairs through December 2015. I began making them in 2006 and perfecting them in 2008, started selling in 2009. I am proud to say there are over 270 sets in use today in Europe, Alaska, and 36 States. I would like to thank all the callers and cuers who bought and promoted them. Their kind words and praise meant so much to me over the
Here are a few of the
Callers & Cuers using
LINNRON speakers:
Ken Bower
Gary Shoemake
Wade Driver
Marshall Flippo
Darryl Lipscomb
Mike Seastrom
Lee Kopman
Jerry Junck
Steve Kopman
Tomas Hedberg
Buddy Weaver
"This speaker is the
best thats been on the
market for a long time.
I never leave home
without it."
- Gary Shoemake
"Unbelievable, the
sound from a small
- Darryl Lipscomb
"For any group up to
15 squares, I have
found the LINNRON
speaker to be
unsurpassed in floor
coverage and sound
quality. The packaging
is compact and easy
to transport to and
from the dance hall.
I would recommend
the LINNRON to
callers as part of thier
equipment package."
- Wade Driver
years. I would also like to give special thanks to Ken Bower and Gary Shoemake. Without their friendship and their never ending support, LINNRON speakers never would have become a reality.

LINNRON speakers far exceeded my expectations. From 1-2 squares up to 88 squares, in a 10 x 8 room, 77 x 102 hall or 90 x 80 hall, these speakers produce an unbelievably clear sound.

The LINNRON speaker stack consisted of two cabinets connected by lift-off hinges and comfortable carrying handle. Each cabinet contained one 8 ohm 6 x 9 speaker, 1/4 in phone jack, 1 3/8 in Top Hat stand adaptor, and gold aluminum Lincane screens. Each stack weighed approx 20 lbs or less, not including its handmade cardboard carrying case, and measured approx. 13 1/2 in H, 8 1/2 in W, and 8 in D.
Hear it for yourself!
You can listen to LINNRON speakers on YouTube:
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12031 Acadia Drive, Tyler TX 75703 or
(903) 570 - 1228
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